Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Norm Schulz at 90

Norm Schulz will be Honored this Saturday at the Seward Senior Center on the occasion of his 90th birthday. He stood and saluted on the 4th of July as the Kiwanis Kitones sang Anchors Away at the Civic Center. Norm learned the Building trade at the Milford Trade School after returning home from Naval service during WWII. He built a bathroom addition on our first little house back in 1952. We have been good friends over the years and drank a lot of coffee together during the "Little Herrods" days. We are still both in the Kiwanis Club of Seward. He more than anyone else was instrumental in my taking up the game of golf.  He sold me a set of Calaway Clubs and let me use his cart. Norm built our house that we have had for the past 30 years. He built it for an aging window and included many features that we are appreciating more as we grow older. Norm has had a positive influence on our lives and many others in the community. 

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