Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home Delivered Meals

Elaine and I did "Home Delivered Meals" Today. The meals are prepared at the hospital, put in Styrofoam boxes and placed in the insulated box that I'm carrying. The bread and dessert are in a separate container which Elaine is holding. We normally just take what is needed for individual "customers" but the picture was taken down at the "Manor" where we deliver 3 meals. Our Kiwanis Club does this each week day but we are only involved one day a Month.  It is  often on the day that the Senior Center has their Monthly Potato Bake. Since the Manor uses the same parking lot as the Center, it is very convenient for us to go there for lunch. We get a big baked potato with all the trimmings, pie and drinks for a suggested donation of $6.00. They often serve up to200 people. It is as much a social event as a meal, and a great community event. Another one of the things that makes Seward special. 

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