Friday, March 22, 2013

Great Grandmother & Sadie

Sadie came to visit the other day along with her Mother and Grandmother. She knows us and enjoys setting on Great Grandmother's lap. As is noted, the feeling is mutual. She is developing more dexterity in her arms and legs. She enjoys setting on the floor and when laying down, can roll over at will. She enjoys eating pureed food and while she likes it all, can distinguish between peaches and asparagus. We are enjoying each stage that she reaches. One of these days we expect a tooth to appear and it won't be long before she figures out how to crawl. As Great-Grandparents, we are enjoying each of her "stages" and not spending too much time looking ahead to the next one. I am looking forward to the Duke-Creighton basketball game Sunday. They were both victorious today with Duke beating Albany 73-61 and Creighton getting by Cincinnati 67-63. We have been long-time Duke fans since Tim went to school there but also have a lot of respect for Creighton. We get a lot of coverage of the team through the Omaha World-Herald and Omaha TV stations. It is ironic that the two teams in the tournament that we follow most closely, end up playing against each other in an early round.  

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