Sunday, March 17, 2013

Change in Audience

I have been writing this blog almost daily for the past couple years. My primary motivation has been to enable family who live away from here, have some idea of what we are doing. I've also used many old family pictures to help Grandchildren and other relatives become better "acquainted". I learned early on about going to "Design" then clicking on "Stats" to see the number of people tapping into the site. My surprise was the number of hits from Russia. 
The above map shows by color density, the audience location, over the past month. Russia accounted for over 10% of the total number. The map to the left shows the audience for the past week. It doesn't show a single "hit" from Russia. I am most curious as to what may have brought about the change. I did do a blog on February 18, 2013 on the Movie, Dr. Zhivago, that we had watched the night before. I included a comment about the "love story" and also about how my perspective on the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas II had changed during the past 48 years, since first having seen the movie. I trust that it didn't offend anyone.  Any comments on the change of Russian audience would be appreciated. 

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