Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christ has Risen but my Teams have Fallen

Sadie received her first Easter Bunny when Elaine and I were able to give it to her. She was pretty excited about it but believe she liked the basket it was in better than the actual Bunny. Mother Julie is looking around the corner to see what is going on. We had a great Baked Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings. We had all been to Church and the Nebraska vs Duke Women's basketball game was underway before we finished eating. When we got the TV turned on, Nebraska had a small lead. However, they just couldn't hold it. At one time they missed something like 16 consecutive 3 point shots. It still stayed close but when Jordan Hooper went out with an ankle injury, the chance of a Nebraska win were diminished, but they had a great season. Next Year.
 Sadie liked her Easter Bunny and the basket it came in but they didn't compare with the fun that a little girl can have with a "spring door stop". She quickly learned that it made funny sounds when it is sprung and released. Just hitting it with a little hand would even bring a delightful sound. I'm surprised that someone hasn't made a toy that would duplicate the door stop. It would be difficult to make something as accident proof as this spring stop with a rubber tip. 
Oh Yes, it was bad enough seeing the Duke Women beat Nebraska but the Duke Men's loss to Lexington only added to the misery. It's good to be able to "drowned our sorrows in Sadie pleasures".

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