Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Scene

I took this picture with my Kodak Brownie Camera in 1943. It is a unique view of the barn, corn crib and windmill at the old Vrana farm. The windmill is the only thing still standing. Even the creek has been moved and the trees cleared. I was standing on a high bank with the creek between me and what you see; it actually comes from the left , flows below me and leaves in the trees to the right.. Had I taken a picture in the other direction the creek would have also been nearby. The bank on which I was standing was a narrow (25-30' isthmus) The creek made a wide circle and swung around near our other buildings before coming back around as shown in the picture. On one occasion after a heavy rain, the water level of the creek rose to the point that it cut across the isthmus on which I was standing to take this picture. Interestingly, there was a waterfall of about 4' which was the amount of grade in its normal circle route. After the farm was sold, the creek was straightened by cutting through the isthmus. The 4' over fall worked it's way back up the creek for several miles making the channel that much deeper than it was years ago. If all of this is too difficult to follow without a drawing, just enjoy the picture. 

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