Friday, November 2, 2012

Tim's Basketball Charting

Tim was a dedicated Nebraska Cornhusker fan when we left Nebraska in 1962 and moved to Arlington, VA where he went into the 5th grade at Fairlington Elementary. He was a good little basketball player during his years at Gunston Junior High. However, the schools were integrated as he went in to Wakefield H.S.  He was small for his age and had skipped 2nd grade so he had little chance of making the team. So  he worked with the Coach and got the job of keeping statistics for the team. His skills were well utilized and he became a very integral part of the team. There was no question that he would return to Nebraska and go to UN-L following his H.S. graduation. While it was difficult for us to leave him here, the fact that both sets of Grandparents lived here in Seward helped. He wasn't at the University very long before he got acquainted with the basketball coaching staff and made his experience and interest known to them.
On October 31, 1969, I flew out to Lincoln for the weekend on my way to a Personnel Inspection assignment in the Salt Lake City SCS State Office. I visited our Lincoln Office, met Tim after his last class and rode the bus out to Seward. The next day, Saturday, we went back down to Lincoln where he had Basketball "Chart practice". I visited Aunt Dorothy and at Dale's. It was a cool 45 degree day. I was able to set in back of Tim at the end of the Nebraska bench as we watched Nebraska beat Colorado. We went to Church with my folks the next day. Don's, Soucek's and Jerry's were all there for dinner and the afternoon. Don's took me to the Airport in Omaha where I flew on to Salt Lake City via Denver. I believe Albert and Flora may have taken Tim back to his dormitory in Lincoln, 43 years ago today. It was good to see him and see him doing something he so enjoyed.

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