Sunday, November 4, 2012

Seward Magazine Club

Elaine and I assisted Jack & Glennie Duensing in hosting the Seward Magazine Club at the Civic Center last week. Hosting involves serving the lunch and providing the program. While the program brings interesting entertainment and often  an educational experience to the group, the discussion of magazine articles was the reason for the Clubs beginning. It happened some 80 + or - years ago when a group of people decided to meet frequently to discuss items of interest they had read about recently. Magazine subscriptions were at a premium in those days but I'm sure it was the social aspects that has kept the Club thriving all these years. 
The Duensing's arranged for this group of musicians to provide our program the other night. They are students at St. John's Elementary here in Seward and began their violin training with the Suzuki method. They are now taking lessons from various teachers. The three to the right of the picture are in the 5th grade and the other two, the 6th. The two 6th grade girls along with a brother, are triplets. They played a variety of pieces and demonstrated their skills to every ones enjoyment. Each of them also had an opportunity to show their individual ability and the young man's rendition was outstanding.  A most enjoyable evening even if I had to make the coffee.

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