Friday, November 23, 2012

Vrana Ancestory

Elaine has been recognized for her genealogy efforts. Following a recent   request, i put together this line of the Vrana name. Our earliest records show the name spelled with a "W" but Thomas is credited with making the change to the "V".  There were other children in each of these families but I only listed the line that led to my Dad. Then carried it on down to Anthony J. who is our only Grandson. I don't mean to slight the women but am only tracing the family name. I have listed my Dad's siblings. Elaine has a certain amount of information on each of their families. My generation of 1st cousins have maintained contact over the years. In fact the youngest cousin has taken the lead in putting together an email newsletter every couple months. We try to get together for a meal once each year to talk family history etc. Since the time of John Wrana, who was born in 1739, there are some 256 people involved in young Anthony J.'s Gene pool.  

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