Saturday, November 17, 2012

Schweitzer Auctions had the Glenn Ficken sale down at the 4-H Building in the Fair Grounds this morning. Glenn had an earlier auction where he sold his antique tractors and farm machinery. Today items were mostly of the collectible variety and included the snoopy dog pictured. I didn't stay to see it sold but it did bring back memories of having one when our kids were little. It seems like maybe it was still around when Julie was little. This auction had a lot of stuff including 20 pedal tractors, numerous pull toys, comic books, rare coins, model cars, etc. I was not there very long but it didn't appear to me that things were  selling as well as they might have earlier. Many things sold for $2.50 as well as boxes that included several items. There were a limited number of bidders and most  items went to collectors. Since we are no longer in the "collecting" stage, I didn't buy anything. A 1:00pm tee time brought me home early. Dale and I got in our 9 holes despite the wind in time to see the beginning of the Nebraska-Minnesota game. Nebraska won 38-14 and for the first time in several weeks, it was not a "nail bitter".

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