Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Ladies/ "The Dust Bowl"

I call this picture, "The Ladies" or it could be "How many women are needed to take care of a baby". We all enjoy "playing" with Sadie then letting her Mother provide much of the "care" along with the nourishment. On the days that we don't get to see her, we wonder what changes are taking place and what will be different when we see her next. Hopefully, it may be as soon as tomorrow but Thanksgiving Day for sure. 
We are watching Ken Burns "The Dust Bowl" as I write this. Timothy Egan who wrote " Worst Hard Time" apparently provided information for Burns production. While it's just getting started, "The Dust Bowl" looks like it will maintain the high standard that has built Burns reputation. I will be interested in seeing if Burns gives the tribute to Hugh Hammond Bennett, founder of the USDA Soil Conservation Service, that Egan did in his book. 

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