Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

Yes, Nebraskans vote and it's generally to the right, even though I put this "badge" to the left. Some of us voted for Senator Bob Kerrey and we hope that a majority of us will. He has the experience and ability to be a leader in helping  solve some of the congressional problems. Nebraska has 3 congressional districts  with the Omaha metro area being one of them. Lincoln and several counties in the eastern part of the state constitute the 1st district and the rest of the state is in the 3rd district. Following the 2010 census, it was extended to reach the Missouri river on both the north and south parts of the state. The counties to the south and to the west of us are in the 3rd. Most elections in that district are determined in the primary. Obama carried the Omaha district in '08 which gave him a vote in the Electoral college, but there was enough "gerrymandering" recently that I doubt he will do it this time. We  have a retired Minister and his wife in our church who moved here after having served several small communities out in the Nebraska Sandhills. They tell of walking into the polling place in one of the locations where he had served for a number of years, and an election worker said, "Here come the Democrats". Regardless of who wins the Presidency, I don't believe things will be as good as those who voted for him expect or as bad as those who voted against him fear.

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