Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgivings over the Years

We had Thanksgiving at John, Julie and Sadie's new house. In addition to all of John and Julie's preparation, Ben fixed the turkey, Carolyn made her Sweet Potato Pecan Casserole, Elaine baked the Pumpkin Pie and I took the Cranberries. It was a great day and Sadie provided a lot of entertainment. It was also good to see the Redskins beat the Cowboys. Some years ago I went back through my old 5-year Diaries and Journals and compiled what I call: "Thanksgivings Over The Years". It starts in 1940 with 3 years missing in the late 40's when I didn't keep a Diary and in 1966 when I didn't get the entry made. This year will be my 68th "chapter". The entries include such things as: Husking corn, shooting 7 rabbits, walking a mile in the mud to get to Flowerdays, visiting Elaine in the hospital after Jon was born, getting the call that Aunt Dixie died and Elaine & Jon flew to NE, Nebraska beat Oklahoma 35-31, Dinner on the deck with all our family and folks, had 25 people at the farm for dinner, drove the Motor home from Franklin, NC to Columbus, IN with the "girls" along, Elaine and I flew to Hawaii, Tim's visited us in Ankeny, IA, Ben came down dressed as a Pilgrim and brought the turkey, played golf with Charlie, enjoyed the Macy parade in NY city after having been there, watched football, etc. We have become more appreciative of everything we have to be thankful for as each Thanksgiving Day comes along. 

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