Monday, November 5, 2012

Japanese Maple Color

This is a view out of our bedroom window looking to the northwest. It shows the fall color of the Japanese Maple against the Blue Spruce. We did very little watering during the drought this summer. The Maple leaves turned rather brown but the little rain late fall along with the freeing temperatures turned them to the bright red. Our high temperature was 45 today which is our lowest high for the fall. It was not a fit day to even think about playing golf. Yesterday , I reached the mark of having played 201 rounds of 9 holes. A few of those were logged while playing alone. In those instances, I played a yellow as well as a white ball and kept score of each separately. Therefore, I counted each as a round. Elaine is well aware of my claim that I feel 10 years younger on the days that I play golf. She has been very supportive of my golfing since I call it my exercise program. 

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