Friday, November 16, 2012

Julie & Sadie

We went out to see "the girls" this afternoon. I held Sadie for a while and recognized how her nose, mouth and chin is very much like Julie's was on this picture. She was a bit over 2 years old at the time it was taken. Sadie's eyes and hair is much darker than Julie's was but that may change as she gets a little older. She does have new hair coming in but it too is quite dark. I dreamed last night that she was about 6-months old and was laughing and playing around. This was the first time that she "appeared" in my dreams, I'm sure this was just the beginning as we get better "acquainted". There is so much "history" that I could tell her about. She will have a hard time believing some of the "hard time" storiesl. I told Jay this morning about Vivian and I taking our Mother's "keepsake" quarter with us when we went to a swimming pool party with a church group when we were about 10 and 12 years old. It was a quarter that Grandpa Walker had given to Mother that was coined on the year of his birth (1877) and was the only money we had in our possession. She told us not to spend it unless we had to. Fortunately, our good neighbors paid our way and we brought the quarter home. Over the years, the coin got a hole drilled in it so it could be worn with a chain. I have it today in a safe place but need to write up a story on it. The swimming pool party wasn't the only time we took it along "just in case" and always brought it home.  I trust that Sadie may enjoy hearing the story some day but never being able to relate to it. 

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