Thursday, November 29, 2012

Close Neighbors

When we came back to Nebraska from Virginia in 1980 and moved to this farm, we had close neighbors. "Close" refers to their house being about 100 yards from ours but also to our relationship. Though we sold the farm 23 years ago, we have continued a close relationship through our Church. Elaine baked a Cherry Pie which we took out to them this afternoon. Their youngest son, Brent, 27 of Malibu, CA was killed in a para-glider accident. Brent was born during the time we lived neighbors and as a toddler enjoyed coming over to visit, especially when we were working out in the garden. His funeral will be tomorrow morning. Neil and Cindy are holding up well and are pleased to have their oldest son Nate; Ryan, his wife Sahra and their young daughter Thalia living in nearby Lincoln. 

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