Friday, November 9, 2012

The Golfers

This was a golfing group at the Seward Country Club this afternoon. It was a beautiful day and our scores reflected the improved conditions. L-R is Tony, Dale, Chuck and Charlie. This was Charlies fist day out since Monday because of back problems. Chuck (Charlie's son), had a 39, Dale and I each had a 40 and Charlie had a 42. There might have been a couple Mulligans utilized somewhere along the way but they didn't distract from the camaraderie or the valuable exercise. I chipped in on #6 for a birdie which helped my score. Yesterday, I chipped in on #4 from about 20 yards out for a birdie. I recently read that it helps to look at the spot where the ball was setting after you chip or putt it. That "TIP" has helped. We are going to try it again tomorrow and finish before the Penn State game begins in Lincoln. I wouldn't be  surprised if the Golf Gods give me a lesson in humility tomorrow after my "bragging".

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