Saturday, November 10, 2012

Small Group Study

Thursday evening our Small Group from Church finished our discussion of "A Hopeful Earth; Faith, Science, and the Message of Jesus". The 141 page paper back was written by Sally Dyck and Sarah Ehrnan and provided 7 lessons. Rev. Dyck is Bishop of the UMC, MN Conference and her niece, Sarah Ehrman is an environmental HS teacher. We met at the Guthrie home and Marc led the discussion. It was a most interesting experience. Marti is with the NE Department of Environmental Quality, Karen with the NE Banker's Assn., Larry works with Farmer's Co-Op, and his wife is with BKD. Elaine and I have had careers dealing with the environment, so we had ample experience to draw upon. One of the questions in the final lesson asked, "Would Jesus Bless some of the food we have today that is produced in unsustainable ways and contains questionable  material". That brought up the question of our Church sponsoring  "Trunk or Treat" where some 1,400 people came to the Church on Halloween for "Treats" of candy, etc". Kids walk away with big bags of candy that is obviously unhealthy but it is a way of getting people to visit the Church or at least the parking lot with the open trunks. It might be considered a "Trick of the Devil" to bring people to Church. What do you think??

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