Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Spirit

It's beginning to look like Christmas around our house. Elaine put up the tree this morning and I even helped a bit with the lights. She has the Nativity Scene set up on our table in the entryway and a Czech one on a step table.  She also set out the N O E L figurines which always get rearranged to LEON.  I hung the big wreath on the front door.  Snow started falling as we finished breakfast and continued through much of the morning but the ground was warm enough for it to melt as it fell. I would have called it a "skift" but the TV weather people called it a "dusting" in Lincoln. We know that to count as a snow, it must be enough to "track a rabbit" but I don't know where you draw the line between a "dusting" and a "skift". We practiced Christmas Carols at Kitones tonight in preparation for  3 "engagements" coming up before Christmas. You wouldn't believe how much time we spent practicing "Here Comes Santa Claus". We have several new members in our group who haven't sung this particular arrangement. I was asked at Kiwanis this noon for my blog "address" and suggested to the fellow that he just Google "Tony-The Crow's Nest" and was pretty sure it would come up. I tried it when I got home and was surprised at the number of "Crow's Nest" there are on the web. In the Czech language, a Crow is referred to as a Vrana, our sir name. 

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