Monday, November 12, 2012

Seward UMC Building Project

Elaine and I participated in a 5:00pm soup supper at our Church last evening that was followed by Focus Group discussions on the building project.  It was a productive evening. Concept plans were drawn and presented to a Congregational meeting some months ago where a vote to continue was approved by about a 2-1 vote. One of the "driving forces" for the project is the condition of the heating and air conditioning pipes encased adjacent to the foundation of the Sanctuary. There is no basement so pipe failures that have already occurred constitute major problems. The preliminary architectural plans call for the "removal" of the current parsonage which is adjacent to the Church. It was recognized at the meeting last night that a decision on the parsonage is really the first decision that needs to be made. One of my concerns is the changes that are taking place in the basic Worship Services, . While the "contemporary elements" have brought in new members, I wonder if the passion is there for the "product" being offered to make the necessary financial commitment. 

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