Saturday, August 11, 2012


Son Jon, Mary and Anna come out to visit today. They flew out of Dulles to Omaha where they rented a car and drove on out to Seward. We were happy to see them. This picture was taken 4 years ago when Mary & Anna flew out.  Jon has been here since while on a business trip in the area. I don't know if Anna will get out to the golf course with me this time but am sure she would enjoy it. Carolyn and Ben came over to visit with them (as well as us) this evening. We got a bit of rain that caught Ben on the Bike Trail. We were happy to give Carolyn our usual birthday greetings. She is still "aglow" with being a grandmother and did some baby girl shopping in Lincoln today. I tapped into Jon's computer knowledge and have already learned a few things. And, anticipate getting a few other computer problems resolved while they are here.

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