Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elaine and Phlox

Here is Elaine with a clump of Phlox  in our back yard. The first time I took a picture of Elaine standing by some blooming Phlox was a year or so after we were married and she was pregnant with our first child. We lived in a little furnished apartment over on east Lincoln Street here in Seward. The Maltby's who lived in the house with the apartment had a lovely garden where the Phlox was blooming. A lot of water has flown down the Big Blue River between the time of the two pictures. But, the water in the river was flowing at a minimal level as we crossed it today. The farmers who irrigate out of it have been shut off unless they were among the earliest permit holders. We had gone to Goehner for the 125th anniversary of the village where the Kitones sang as part of the celebration. After our concert, we toured the Seward County Museum there in Goehner and went through the 1906 Gottlob and Anna Eberspacher house which has been restored and is part of the exhibit. It was an interesting afternoon. 

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