Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sadie at 1-Week,

Here is Carolyn and her Granddaughter Sadie taken about 18 hours after Sadie's birth last week. There were times when Carolyn was raising Julie as an only child, that I suggested she was "busier than an old hen with one chick".  Unless you have actually seen an old hen with only one chick, it would be difficult to get the full meaning of that comparison. That said however, Carolyn has been an excellent Mother and well on her way to being an excellent Grandmother. It was fortunate that she was able to retire from her school teaching job last year and available now to do whatever is necessary in her new role. Carolyn has been so busy this past week that she hasn't updated her Blog so it seems appropriate that I show a picture depicting her loving care being shown to Sadie. We are all enjoying the cool weather we have had the past few days but still need rain. The corn crop is far enough along that it wouldn't help much but the soybeans could be helped considerably. A nice 2" rain would help everyone's morale. They were watering the greens at the golf course this morning so Charlie and I were unable to finish a par 4 hole. We both were laying 2 and needed to chip on and putt but with the sprinklers running, were unable to do so. We agreed to just take our pars and move on. That enabled me to have a string of 6, 4's (we were past the par 5's) and one of my best rounds of the season. I hope Sadie will be a good golfer along with all of the other hopes that are being held out for her. Here is how she looked yesterday on her 1-week birthday

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  1. I would say Sadie has been the best retirement gift Carolyn could ever have!!! What a blessing that she retired in time to truly enjoy this wonderful gift of a grandchild - and such a beautiful one at that!