Thursday, August 23, 2012


This little "raisin size" tomato is a fitting example of our efforts to raise tomatoes this summer. We didn't have real good luck last summer so planted them in new places this spring. This came off a plant in the back yard near our compost pile. I picked it yesterday at the time of deciding to quit watering it. We have one plant of the south side of the house that has produced a few and another plant on the south side of our front porch. I'm still watering them but my hopes for them are not too high. It's a bit ironic that I used the letter from the Nebraska Hall to lay the little "sprig" on for taking the picture. Though I'm "in the Hall", I can't even raise tomatoes. The 100 year old organization has some 200 members who have been identified as having made a significant contribution to Nebraska Agriculture. I was nominated and voted in by the membership for accomplishments during my career with the USDA Soil Conservation Service, with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission and the International Soil and Water Conservation Society. My ability to raise tomatoes was not a part of the consideration. Our weather this year is a reminder that no matter how much we think we can control nature, we get frequent reminders as to who is in charge.   

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