Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seward Cemeteries

Jon's curiosity about Civil War Veterans buried in Seward sparked my interest in the history of Seward's Greenwood and North Cemeteries. I checked with the fellows at coffee this morning and didn't get much information so as is often the case, I checked with Elaine. She is a member of the Genealogical Society and was involved some years ago in it's publishing books with data on "who is buried where" in cemeteries throughout the County. The books also contained information on the Cemeteries' history.  Seward's first burial site was on the Robert Gale property which is now part of the Concordia University Campus. In 1874 the Seward Cemetery Association was formed. They purchased school land and established the Seward (North) Cemetery. However, there was  some dissatisfaction with the location "nearly a mile north of the city on a dusty road, devoid of trees, it was unprotected from the elements and grave-robbers". In 1878 the Greenwood Cemetery Association was formed and bought land to establish their Cemetery closer to town. In 1948 both Cemeteries were reorganized under the city's charter "for the safety of the records" in future years.  We also have the Anderson Cemetery west of town that was transferred to the City in 1949. (Information from records compiled by Jane Ramsay Graff)

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