Sunday, August 19, 2012

Albert Ebers

Jon sent a message this morning that they got home last night O.K. While they had a good time all week with us, he mentioned the day we made the excursion to Beaver Crossing as a highlight. This picture was taken at the local Dairy Queen after getting back to Seward. We had also stopped at the Salem Cemetery where Jon was interested in seeing the Albert Ebers tombstone. Jon sang with Albert in the Methodist Church Choir during the time they lived here in Seward during the early 90's. Albert was a great guy. He graduated from UN-L back in the mid 30's and worked for the Soil Conservation Service during its earliest days. He came back to the family farm in Seward County and practiced "stubble mulch" farming long before it was recognized as "No-till". This was back in the days before chemicals were an integral part of farming and while it never "caught on", it was a stepping stone in getting us to where we are today. Albert was a deeply religious man and asked me on more than one occasion about my expression "My enemies don't hurt me, its my friends that cause me the greatest pain".  I don't believe Albert had any enemies and when he died at 95, a quote in the local paper said, "He was as close to being a Saint as a Methodist could become". 

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