Friday, August 31, 2012


We attended a reception at the Library this afternoon where a Daughter of Jacques and Ann Berger was recognized for having donated this "Friends" sculpture to the Library. It is located near the west door and fits in to the landscaping beautifully. We are all very proud of our Seward Memorial Library and this is one more feature that helps make it a community centerpiece. The Bergers were an old Seward Family and for years associated with an "Auto Shop" Business. Back in the days when automobiles had generators, they had the equipment and ability to "rewind them" which brought customers to town from miles around. The modern "Alternators" have changed all of that and their business has gone the way of many in our small towns. We knew the Bergers through the Church as well as through their business. Jacques was in Kiwanis and an early user of Ameritrade for stock market trades during his retirement years. In fact he was instrumental in getting me started with Ameritrade back in the early '90's. They were good people and this is a great memorial. Thanks

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