Wednesday, August 29, 2012

60 short years ago.

This picture was taken 60 years ago in the summer of 1952. Verlon would have been approaching his 2nd birthday and Tim was about 4 months old. Elaine was in the prime of her life but the old '41 Chevy was on it's last legs. There was very little traffic on the graveled East Bradford St.  and it never occurred to me that we were not legally parked when we were headed the wrong direction. This Chevy was my first car and was our family car until the folks got the new Fleetline Chevy in 1948. I had driven the '41 back to Virginia along with brother Don and 3 buddies early in 1948. Don, Ed and I also went to Chicago to see the Yankees play the White Sox and the Cubs play the Cardinals that same fall. It served us well.
Later in the summer of '52 we were able to trade-in the old '41 to Sahn Chevrolet for a "brand new" '52 Chevy 2-door. We were real proud of our 1st new car and of the fact that we were able to pay for it before driving away. We even parked it headed the right direction. Another item of interest is the TV antenna on the top of our little house. We were able to get 2 channels from Omaha and 1 from Lincoln with our Admiral set from the House of Davisson. We were the first of the SCS guys here in Seward to have TV. Jim, Dave and Clarence all came up to the house to watch Dr. Roger Bannister run the 1st 4 minute mile on live TV. It was a momentous occasion at the time. 

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