Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black Walnut Trees

We were pleased to see our Walnut trees doing well as we checked on them last Friday. We planted 24 of them in the spring of 2009 , hauled out a lot of water the first year, put in a couple replacements the next year and were pleased to see that they are all alive and doing well. The trees are located next to Plum Creek and are on excellent soil. Those conditions have been what has helped them through the very dry summer we are experiencing. The planting is adjacent to the Hiker-Biker trail and the City crew has done a good job of keeping the area mowed. There is also a planting of Northern Pecans which Chuck planted at the same time but we didn't walk down the trail to see how they are coming. I refer to these as "our" trees even though they are located on City land and are considered a Chamber of Commerce-First Impressions project because Elaine and I were the ones that planted & tended them during their first couple years. 

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