Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sadie & G. Grandad

We didn't get to see Sadie today since they went home this morning. Our reports from Carolyn are that everything is going O.K. This picture was taken over at the Hospital yesterday. Grandma Carolyn took supper over to the family this evening and also helped Ben celebrate his birthday. I played golf with Charlie and the guys early this morning. After not having played yesterday, I needed to be "retrained", it wasn't a good game. I might also have been bothered by the Tumble Windmillgrass seed heads that were rolling around on the course and even on the Greens. (Someone said you need to find an excuse for a bad game and never admit that you're just not very good.) I did some more "spot watering" this afternoon and am very concerned that some of our lawn will need to be overseeded in a few weeks. It will be an act of faith to do any seeding unless we get a change in the weather. The outlook isn't very favorable. There were some showers around the area the past couple days but we didn't get any moisture. It did cool off today which was a big improvement over the 103 degree temperature that we had yesterday. Little Sadie is the greatest source of pleasure for us these days,  just even thinking about her and her loving family. 

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  1. Cute! What a treasure this picture will be in a few years!
    We had 103 here today so can sympathize with you on this hot weather, supposed to be 105 tomorrow. I think there is a cool down coming next Wednesday, we hope!