Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time Marches On

Elaine and I just got home from being to the Cemetery where we picked up plastic flowers which we had placed on family graves for Memorial Day. We didn't get out early enough last year and lost a large collection of such decorations that we had  used for a number of years. When we had that supply, we covered many distant relatives and even others. Having to buy new supplies this year limited our coverage. Walking up and down the isles picking up our flowers was a bit like visiting old friends.  We concluded that we "knew" more people out there than we would on the City sidewalks today. It was also interesting to note the age of some of the "old" people that we had known. Many of them were not as old as I am now.  Though Dad was 93 and Mother 90. After getting home, I mixed us a drink and we toasted each other to our "good health". We also acknowledged appreciation for good genes. All of this followed my reading Joe Klein's cover story this afternoon in the current Time magazine on "What I learned from the Last Days of My Mom and Dad". But I did shoot under my age playing golf earlier today and hope to do so again tomorrow.

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