Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garland Scrapbook

I don't remember this incident but knew most of the fellows involved as I got a bit older.  This afternoon Elaine and I took some pictures up to Jack Armstrong that were taken a week ago at our Garland HS Alumni Reunion. During our discussion he brought out an old scrap book that his sister Geraldine had put together over the years. He loaned it to us and we have spent 3-4 hours in it this evening. This little "tid-bit" is just one of hundreds of things that we found of interest. Jack was an outstanding athlete and many clippings of his exploits are included. A few of them even included my name (often misspelled). Many obituaries are included which helps to understand family relationships. The wedding write-ups and pictures of my 2 sisters were included as well as those of old friends and many others. There is even a good story on Garland having its name changed from Germantown at the time of WWII. There is excellent coverage of the Seward Old Timers Celebration in 1939 and stories of many of the original settlers of the County. I didn't even pay much attention to the Mets-Yankee baseball game until we got through the scrapbook. 

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