Tuesday, June 12, 2012

California in 1956

This is one of my favorite pictures taken during our 1956 trip to California. We took Elaine's folks with us out to visit Albert's brother and his wife in Santa Ana. Jon was less than 2 years old and stayed with my folks during the 2-weeks we were gone. We bought a new Pontiac station wagon earlier in the summer that had the 3rd seat that folded down. Charlie Kemper built us a luggage rack that fit on top of the vehicle where we had a tent, mattress, and all of our luggage. We also had camping equipment that included a little Colman camp stove. We visited Elaine's Aunt Verna and her husband Jack in Ramona as well as going on down to Tijuana, Mexico. Disney Land had just opened a couple years earlier and was within a couple miles of where Bob and Carlene were located. As we headed north we visited Albert's brother Fred and Zelma in Watsonville. Our travels took us through Sequoia National park and the Giant Redwoods, on up to Grants Pass, Oregon,  and Yellowstone National Park on our way home. We were in Yellowstone on the 4th of July and witnessed a brief but blinding snow storm. Elaine's folks had retired from farming and moved to Seward earlier in the spring. It was a great trip and amazing as it may sound, there was not a time when any harsh words were uttered. I suspect that Grandma may have questioned my judgement at times but had the courtesy of not making at an issue. You really get to know people when you spend 2-weeks traveling with them and our relationships were strengthened as a result of this trip. 

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