Friday, June 8, 2012

Horse Belly High

This was taken a few days ago and the Corn is now several inches higher. When I was a kid and we cultivated corn with horses, it was common to talk about corn being "Horse belly high by the Fourth of July". This corn achieved that height by the 4th of June. The forecast is for possible rain this coming Sunday or Monday which would certainly be welcomed. The drought index released this week shows some extreme conditions in the western part of the state and moderately dry conditions over many parts of Nebraska and Iowa. I rode with Perry  in his golf cart today who had been in Iowa and Missouri earlier this week. He told of their need for rain being much more critical than ours. We here in this local area have been fortunate so far. Last evening we went to Goehner to eat at Bubba's and saw several center pivot's in operation. Our weather has been very unusual so far this year and we hope that our normal 26" of moisture may still come on a timely basis. Most farmers have a pretty strong faith since their livelihood is largely determined by "Mother Nature".

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