Sunday, June 10, 2012

Granddaughter Julie

This is Julie and some of the "stuff" in her bedroom at their house in the mid-to late '80's. For Grandparents, the years between then and now have gone by very fast. And to think that we are looking forward to a time later this summer when she and John will enable us to become Great-Grandparents. Many people achieve that status before they reach our age. Having waited this long is maybe why we are so excited about it. Or maybe it's because as Julie once said: "I'm kinda like your 5th kid" and its like our being Grandparents for the first time all over again. We are so looking forward to the event that our travel plans have been curtailed and I'm not even thinking about going to Miami to see a game in the new ballpark until the "blessed event" occurs.

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  1. What a cute picture! Her room was the first one we did when we moved in, so that was probably taken when it was all done. (It probably was never that tidy again!)