Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Parties

This picture was taken 82 birthdays ago at the time of my 5th. I was pleased to hold my birthday cake with the 5 candles in the presence of my neighbor playmates, aunts, cousins, etc. Sister Vivian is the little dark haired girl to the left of me. Aunt Ethel is holding little Donnie who was about 6 months old. Mother is the lady at the right edge. My party tonight wasn't as large but equally enjoyable. Carolyn and Ben brought down a delicious cake, Elaine fixed fruit cups and cookies. John and Julie were here to bring greetings and share in the "festivities". Gifts included Golf paraphernalia,  some of which will be put to use as soon as tomorrow. Calls came in from all 3 boys, Anna, Brother Don, Sister Janice, Francis Rine (who shares this birth date) and others. We had "special treats" for coffee this morning, Chicken for lunch at Kiwanis this noon, a good golf round with Charlie and Eldy, appearance on television in "Our Town Seward", Kitone practice in preparation for our 4th of July concert, and the party this evening. We also saw some of the Yankee and Royals wins. Ben reminded us that Custer's Last Stand occured on this date just 49 years before I was born. Does that almost make me a Pioneer??

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