Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sustailable Agriculture??

This picture was taken a few days ago to show a typical field of Soybeans planted in last year's corn residue with a minimum amount of tillage. This is a field adjacent to the Golf Course and does not have the benefit of irrigation. The minimum tillage helps to conserve moisture which is most critical in our area. It also helps to control soil erosion by the residue from last years crop remaining on the surface. Farming practices have evolved dramatically during my lifetime. At one time, a farmer was judged by how finely he tilled the soil. Rental contracts even included requirements that corn be cultivated at least 3 times. The advent of hybrid seeds, improved tillage equipment, chemicals for weed and insect  control, and farmer "know how" has revolutionized the industry. However, it is still critical that we adhere to the principals of Aldo Leopold that our land and water resources be utilized on a sustainable basis. If it's not sustainable, it should be questioned.

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