Thursday, June 21, 2012

Downtown Lincoln, NE

Downtown Lincoln, NE. The State Capitol is the focal point of this picture and to its right is the SOB (The State Office Building). My office during many of the years that I worked for the State was at a corner window on the 4th floor. It had a great view of the Capitol. At the very top toward the right edge is Haymarket Park,  the baseball stadium. A new Arena is under construction on the bare area this side of the ball park. Those of us who worked in the SOB were very impressed by the height of the Capitol that towered above us and by the decisions that were made therein. However, I often reminded people that when I drove in to Lincoln my view of the Capitol from 20 miles out was only a blimp on the horizon. And, that was more nearly the way people "out state" thought about what happened there. 

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