Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seward & Family History

Lincoln, NE CBS Channel 10/11's "Lance's Journal" has been in Seward this week filming segments that will be shown on "Our town Seward" during the week of July 4th.  People achieve status by various means and I have become recognized by some people as a "Seward Historian" merely by  continuing to be alive. I was a part of Lance's filming this afternoon and told of my Great Grandfather coming to Seward in 1873 soon after the City was platted. He had come over from Ireland as a young man, fought in the Civil War with an Illinois Regiment  and after a few years of farming in Illinois, came west. He built a house withing 3 blocks of where we now live and it was there my Grandmother was born in 1879. The attached picture was taken in 1907 and my Mother is the little 7 year old girl looking at the Donkey instead of the camera.
Here is the caption to the picture that Mother wrote on 12 5 1979

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