Friday, June 29, 2012

Congressman Morrill

Congressman Justin Morrill (aka Jon Vrana) made pesentations this week on legislation to establish the U. S. Department of Agriculture 150 years ago. Morrill was also the force in getting the Congress to approve the Land Grant College System which was signed by President Abraham Lincoln. These continue to be two of the most important pieces of Agricultural Legislation ever established. He made presentations from the Smithsonian Tent on the Washington, D.C. Mall this week during the Folk Festival. The weather there has been similar to what we have suffered through here in Nebraska this week. Jon says his "all wool" suit was surpisingly cool in the hot humid weather. Folk festivals are big events in Washington. One of my favorite Festival memories is of attending one of the early ones during the time we lived back there. Jon and I sat in this small tent with some 20-25 people where Mother Maybelle Carter played a Harpsaccord and sang. I believe others of her family were there but don't remember who they were. We enjoyed a lot of outstanding,  free entertainment during our time in the area. Having grown up back there, Jon is very comfortable being a part of such festivities. 

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