Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Fearless Foursome

This is our 4-some that teed off at 10:00 this morning. We played our 9-hole round and then an "extra" 3 holes. This was taken on the #2 tee box. Our last few days have been very hot and humid so playing early in the day helps. I am to the left in the picture, then Dale, Charlie, and Perry. Dale had a very close call earlier in the week and was pleased to be playing. The Burlington RR double track line runs near Dale's land west of Seward which carries over 75 trains daily. As is often the case, one train was parked near the crossing that he approached with a front end loader on his John Deere tractor. A second train came along on the far track and just clipped a few inches of the loader. Fortunately, the tractor was heavy enough to limit the damage but the loader was destroyed and Dale suffered no injury. He drove the tractor on home but it must have been a horrendous incident. However, he had a good golf game today and we will probably play again tomorrow after early Church. 

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