Friday, June 15, 2012

Rain & Good Fortune

I had to look twice this morning when reading the rain gauge. As shown, the bottom of the meniscus is at 5.20 inches. My other gauge didn't show quite that much but when I got to coffee, found out that an "official gauge" only a few blocks away read 5.18. The front came through about 5:30 yesterday evening and the slow moving storm seemed to just sit over the Seward area. We had thunder and lightning over a 6 hour period. Winds were up in the 60mph range at times with lightning strikes around town. One of the big old trees on the Court House square was hit with a major part of the tree destroyed. A sign at the Cafe on the Square was damaged by the wind. Ironically, we had watered our lawn earlier in the afternoon. Maybe it had the soil softened up to where there was less runoff. We really needed the rain and much of our area had at least an inch. Obviously, I didn't get to play golf today but did sing with the Kitones this afternoon at Lancaster Manor in Lincoln. There were 16 of our Kitones there entertaining some 35-40 residents. They all seemed to appreciate and enjoy our songs. Some of them even sang along with us on familiar numbers. There is a certain satisfaction in feeling that we can help make their day more enjoyable, but also an appreciation by several of us for our good fortune since we are older than many of them.  It could be said that the rain falls on the just and the unjust. 

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