Sunday, June 24, 2012

Retirement Party 6 24 80

This picture was taken on June 24, 1980 on the occasion of Elaine's leaving the Forest Service and my retirement from the Soil Conservation Service. The event was held at the Shirley Highway/Glebe Road Holiday Inn and attended by many co-workers from both agencies and other friends. It marked our 18 years in D.C. and return to Nebraska. My official retirement date was 6/27/80 following my 55th birthday on June 25th. My first day of employment with SCS was 3/26/48 as a WAE Conservation Aid and worked through the spring season. After a break in service and taking a Civic Service Examination came back on duty with a Career Conditional appointment 7/26/48. My service computation date was constructed as 6/27/48. My birthday tomorrow and Wednesday of this week will have particular significance. It will match the 32 years of Service with SCS with the 32 years of retirement from the Agency. It is a milestone I am pleased to achieve but also feel I continued to make a contribution to society through my years of service with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission, The Soil and Water Conservation Society and through the many Boards on which I have served and continue to do so. Elaine has been a vital partner through it all, in fact, as the County Agent's secretary back in 1948, she suggested to the local District Conservationist that I may be interested when he was looking for part-time help.   

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