Friday, June 1, 2012

Corn, Rats & Capitol

This was the early summer of 1970 when we lived on Arlington Ridge Road. The grass in our front yard lawn had died out the previous year so we decided to get the soil in shape by planting it to garden and seeding it back to Blue Grass in the early fall. Jon had completed his Freshman year at Wakefield HS and Elaine was back home from her weekly beauty shop appointment. Our corn was really pretty successful and we enjoyed a few Roasting Ears. However, the corn attracted Rats that we figured came up from Four Mile Run that was only a couple blocks away. We were able to get rid of them by destroying the corn but it was another one of our many adventures. It's not the kind of story that one normally associates with the Washington, D.C. area but an example of the mundane things that go on within the "shadow" of the Capitol. The project was successful overall and the grass did well on the site in future years.

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