Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Now?

The tragedy at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, CN has again stimulated discussion of Gun Control. It is a subject on which opinions are extreme in range and magnitude. Like many problems we may never solve the problem but we should be able to reduce the risk of tragedy. I see no reason for  ownership of semi-automatic assault weapon by the general population. I don't know enough about guns to be very specific but can see little reason for protection or recreation that would require the capability of these machines. The discussion must go beyond the assault weapons but  it would be a start. We should also continue to look to ideas that  may make such tragedies less possible. Again, I know little about how it may work but I wonder if a "Taser" could be linked to "metal detectors" in such a way that an individual could be "immobilized" if detected with inappropriate material. There could be warnings to protect the innocent. We have already been "inconvenienced" by attempts for safety. Hopefully there are people working on creative ideas for protection as well as limiting the weapons.

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  1. I really believe it is the Mental Illness that needs to be addressed. When children are loners, depressed, angry, don't have any friends and are withdrawn - they need attention to get medical help before they continue in this mental state that ends up with these terrible shootings, etc. that develop when the anger explodes!