Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Carols & Lights

We had dental appointments this morning for cleaning and check-up. Both of us will need to go back for fillings. I was told of the need to be more aggressive in brushing along the gum line. The Kitones sang in Beaver Crossing at the recently remodeled Catholic Church where the local Union Branch Bank sponsored the dinner. I understand they have a customer appreciation dinner each year and rotate between the Churches in town. Jack Duensing, Clifford Lowell and I rode with PeeWee Schulz in his Cadillac. After we sang, we toured the Big Hardware store in town and them PeeWee took us past "Schulz Farms" on the way home. The house has been renovated but is where the 5 boys were raised. I and my boss were doing some soil conservation work out there one of my first summers with SCS. It was a very hot day.  I had taken off my shirt and didn't have on an undershirt.. We were invited into the house and I remember how embarrassed I was when Mrs. Schulz saw me with nothing on above the waist. I didn't even have a good tan. I'm sure with 5 boys in the house about my age, she thought nothing of it. Their farming operation has changed considerably since then but they are still dedicated Soil Stewards. The fields where they raise irrigated seed corn are seeded to turnips in early fall as a winter cover crop. This provides winter forage for cattle and improves the tilth of the soil. The fields were nice and green here on the 5th of December. When I got home we put up our outside Christmas lights. 

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