Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exercise for Mind & Body

No, I wasn't dressed this way today. The picture was taken in late July when I was on my way to the golf course. Yesterday I finished going through my 2012 Journal and listed 6 pages of  "Highlights". My criteria for a highlight has come down to where it is "things or events on which I may want to be able to go back and check". Today, I worked on the pictures taken during the year on my digital camera. The construction of John and Julie's new house account for the greatest number of pictures for any single topic. But Sadie was a close 2nd with less than half the time to compete. I will pick out a couple hundred pictures and make 3 collage pages to include along with my 2-3 page summary of the year. The collage pictures will correlate closely with my highlights. All, 1,075 of this years pictures will be put on a DVD and labeled for easy retrieval. This whole process of highlights and pictures takes a lot of work to set-up, but makes storage and retrieval possible. My daily Journal is really the basic document in the process. There is no way that I could justify spending the time that I do on all of this if I didn't enjoy doing it. Hopefully, it exercises my mind just as playing golf exercises my body. However, having spent much of the day today at the computer hasn't given me that feeling of being 10 years younger like a round of golf. 

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