Monday, December 3, 2012


When the weather was too cold to play golf last week, I got started putting things on eBay. This WW I leather billfold has been in a box for a number of years with some things that came from some of Elaine's family. It can be seen by entering "Leather billfold WW I" in eBay,  and it will come up. It has a few days to go in the auction and already has an opening bid of $7.50. If you open it, by clicking on "sellers other items" it will bring up all the items I have listed. It's not a money making process but a way of getting things to people who appreciate them. I did very little on eBay last winter but over the years have bought and sold many things. Elaine acquired a lot of Smokey Bear and Woodsey Owl items while working for the Forest Service.  Those items sold very well to people who had collections. I completed my set of USDA Agriculture Yearbooks  by buying and selling until I now have the full 100 year set in good condition. The use of Pay Pal has helped facilitate sales considerably. Unfortunately, postal rates have increased which discourages some sales. I enjoy ebaying to help keep me mentally active just as I enjoy golf to keep me active physically. 

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