Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday in Seward

Ben fixed a delicious pork roast today and had the Owens' and us up for dinner. Carolyn and Ben had fixed the potatoes, parsnips, carrots, apple crisp, brussel sprouts and Elaine fixed her deviled eggs. It was all very good. Sadie sat on my lap while we ate. John and Julie told us of how she was rolling over from being on her stomach to her back. After we finished eating, John put her down to demonstrate her new found skills and she wouldn't do it. We reminded him that it wouldn't be the last time when he would expect her to do something with similar results. The tuft of hair on the back of her head that has stood straight up since she was born, has suddenly decided to lay flat. Her hair has thinned and seems to becoming more brown than the dark black that it was earlier. She likes to set-up and is beginning to get some balance. Her neck muscles have strengthen to where she really holds her head high while on her stomach. We really enjoy following her development and regret how few memories I have of our own kids doing these things.
Pip doesn't know for sure what to think of Sadie. She's curious but  doesn't seem to be a threat to do her any harm. She and Ben are good buddies but I haven't had much personal time with her. The picture shows her a bit whiter than reality. 
This was a beautiful day for the 2nd of December in Nebraska. The skies were clear, light south wind and temperature up in the mid to high 60's. It may have set a record for this date. While we continue to enjoy the "nice" weather, we are desperate for moisture. Our normal annual rainfall is 26 inches and we are short 12" so far this year. While dryland crop yields were pretty good this year, unless this drought is broken before the next growing season, yields will really suffer. 
I played golf this afternoon for the first time in several days. Perry, Charlie, Chuck and I teed off at 1:00pm and played 9 holes. I had my normal Bogey round but Perry had a good game. We didn't talk much about last night's Nebraska football game. While they came back to win several times this year, when it was 42-10 at the half, the chances to win were Nil and the final score was 70-31.

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