Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Time Marches On

Tonight was my last City Council Meeting. The "old" Council conducted the regular business and then 3 new members and a reelected one were sworn in. Pictured is Charles Lieske, my replacement. There was only one contested election. Chris Schmidt beat 16 year member, Dave Stewart in the General Election. Long time fire chief, Dean Fritz was elected when Mark Eihlers chose not to run. Carryover member, Sid Kamprath was elected Council President. Kelley Hoffscheider was appointed by mayor Eickmeier and sworn in as City Attorney. I appreciated the kind words expressed, the letters and plaque noting my 12 years of service. It was time for a young person like Charles to fill my chair. I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve and will miss the "give and take" in discussions. Charlie and I played golf in 62 degree weather this afternoon. It was my 217th 9-hole round of the year. I will be singing with the Kitones in Beaver Crossing tomorrow and unable to play. With the forecast change in the weather, this may have been our last round  for 2012. We also learned today of dues increases and discussed whether or not we would play next year. It would be ironic if my last round of golf was on the same day as my last City Council meeting.

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